Sarah Herron Pregnant Twins

Sarah Herron Pregnant Twins


Sarah Herron shared a pregnancy update.

A pregnant “Bachelor in Paradise” and “Bachelor” alum shared an update on her progress. Sarah Herron is currently expecting twin girls with her husband, Dylan Brown.

This pregnancy has been an especially emotional one for Herron at times. She was expecting a baby boy previously, and as People shared, he was born early at 24 weeks. Sadly, the baby they named Oliver died very soon after his birth.

Herron and Brown have been through an incredibly difficult journey with IVF to get to this point. After the couple’s most recent embryo transfer, they learned they were pregnant with fraternal twin girls. The update she most recently shared was both cute and a bit bittersweet.

Here’s what you need to know:

Sarah Herron Has Already Outgrown Maternity Jeans She Wore Her Previous Pregnancy

On February 25, Herron took to her Instagram page to provide Bachelor Nation with a pregnancy update. In the first photo, she showed off her baby bump and had an expression of shock on her face.

Herron explained, “Well, we’ve officially outgrown the underbelly maternity jeans that I wore in Oliver’s pregnancy.. and this is only 14 weeks!”

She continued, “My body is definitely changing in different ways the second go-around, and with two!” The former “Bachelor” contestant from Sean Lowe’s season added, “One minute I feel like I have no bump and then literally 12 hours later I don’t recognize my body at all.”

“Twin pregnancy’s (sic) are wild ya’ll!”

‘The Bachelor’ Star Is Now in Her 2nd Trimester

Throughout this pregnancy, Herron has been open and honest about how she often struggles with her feelings. In this latest update, she noted, “It’s been 3 weeks since our last scan, so my anxiety has been really high.”

Herron also shared, “Just hoping I start feeling some flutters soon to have a little reassurance that babies are doing well in there.”

Aside from the anxiety Herron is navigating, she said “Second trimester is off to a healthy start.”

The “Bachelor in Paradise” alum received a lot of love from franchise fans and veterans in response to her post.

Haley Ferguson, who is expecting her first child in May, wrote, “Ahhhhhhh you look so CUTE mama .”

A fan admitted, “I don’t think I’ve ever been so invested in a ‘stranger’s’ pregnancy than yours!”

That commenter noted having watched Herron look for love within “The Bachelor” franchise and has followed her real-life journeys since. She noted, “You’ve been inspiring to so many!! for healthy pregnancy and healthy twins.”

“You are THE CUTEST and your bump is THE MOST PRECIOUS,” added a supporter.

“So incredibly happy for you…I will keep the prayers coming for a healthy momma and babies ,” read another comment.

Herron’s followers gushed over both her and her baby bump. Some noted she was glowing, and others mentioned they were proud of her for taking the photos. A few fans had not realized she was expecting twins and were thrilled to discover the news.

In addition, a few moms of twins commented to share tidbits about their experience with pregnancy, including some insight into when they started feeling their babies kick.

“Looking beautiful as always and so exciting to see updates thanks for sharing even though “we” know it’s not easy some days!! We’re here to support and love on all you, ” commented a different fan.

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