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Matthew Daddario’s wife, Esther Kim, and the actor were able to keep their relationship under wraps for the most part and surprised fans when it was revealed they had secretly wed. The happy couple later welcomed a child together.


Matthew Daddario’s last name might ring a bell as he is the brother of the famous actress Alexandra Daddario. The Daddario siblings were born to Christina Daddario, a lawyer, and Richard Daddario, a prosecutor, but Mathew and Alexandra chose careers in acting.

Alexandra is commonly known for a handful of roles; when she was sixteen, she was cast to play Laurie Lewis in “All My Children” and co-starred alongside Logan Lerman in “Percy Jackson.” In 2017 she was one of many stars cast in the movie adaptation of the popular series “Baywatch.”


Who Is Matthew Daddario?

Matthew was born on October 1, 1987, in New York. He graduated in 2010 with a business degree from Indiana University in Bloomington.

After graduating, he started studying acting and auditioning for roles; in 2016, he landed a part in the TV series “Shadowbusters.” He initially auditioned for the part of Jace Wayland, but the author of the book that the series was based off saw his audion tapes and thought he was better suited to play Alec Lightwood.

He also landed roles in “The Last Hunt” in 2016, “The Delivery Man” in 2013, and “Breathe In” in 2013. Matthew is a fan of amateur astronomy, cooking, and Sci-Fi books outside of acting.



He is of diverse ancestry, with his father of three-quarters Italian and one-quarter Irish descent and his mother has Hungarian, Slovak, German, and English origin. Alexandra is not his only sibling, as he has a younger sister, Catherine Daddario.

Who Is Matthew Daddario’s Wife, Esther Kim?


Esther immigrated from Kazakhstan as a baby and grew up in a household with a mixed background of Russian and Korean. She shared that she could hold onto her roots as she migrated with her entire family, calling her home a ” mini Soviet Union.”

With Russian as her first language, Esther said she grew up around “high energy” and “intense” people and jokily added that there was a lot of vodka around. She was raised in Cleveland and went to Business School at Syracuse University before becoming a travel blogger and a co-founder of the brand Into the Night. She shared more about herself:

”I like to keep life light and fun and surround myself with people who can make me laugh and keep up on the dance floor.”


Into The Night was created from the love of spontaneity and is a collection of designs created to suit all occasions at any time of day. The brand’s website wrote that each creative design process began by focusing on “new, modern and innovative” approaches to day and evening wear.


The process included visualizing designs, sketching silhouettes, and selecting fabrics and trims; the creative team finished the process with fittings and affordable prices.

The collection of designs is made in New York, respecting laws about fair pay and suitable work conditions. The company launched in 2020 and was created to encourage and inspire its customers to embrace opportunity and spontaneity. The company’s website wrote:

“We are always mindful of finding a balance between price, personal design, and high quality.”


Into The Night’s Instagram account had over 5 000 followers at the time of writing; the collection’s pieces featured in Vogue, Nylon Magazine, Vanity Fair, Forbes, Marie Clair, and others. Esther also enjoyed sharing a glimpse of her relationship with fans on social media.

In April, Estherposted a picture of herself and Matthew dressed up in an outdoor image at an event celebrating friends. Matthew often appeared on her page, and in 2021, they matched in dark outfits at a wedding. In 2020, Esther shared the news they were expecting, and she captioned the post ” 1+ 1 = 3.”


How Long Have Esther Kim and Matthew Daddario Been Together?

Matthew and Ester’s relationship is said to have started in 2013 when the actor began posting pictures of the travel blogger. In 2019, websites reported that the couple had secretly tied the knot the year before and celebrated their anniversary by sending each other wishes on Instagram.

In December 2018, Matthew shared a black and white picture of the couple who looked to be on their wedding day; he wore a black suit and held Esther in his arm, who was gripping a microphone and wearing a white dress. Matthew wrote, “Happy one year! Happy new year!” Esther shared pictures from the same day of the couple kissing and wrote to her husband:


“Happy anniversary, gonna be hard to top last (year’s) celebrations.”


Do Esther Kim and Matthew Daddario Have Kids?

After sharing the news that they were expecting in 2020, Matthew and Esther welcomed a girl. Esther posted a picture holding her daughter surrounded by female family members and captioned the post ” 5 generations of women.”

The first-time mom often shared pictures of her daughter, documenting her life. Fans could watch Matthew and Ester’s daughter grow from a newborn to a grown toddler. In 2020, when Esther was two weeks postpartum, she spoke with Preg Appetit and said:

“Being a mom has shown me new dimensions of love that I did not even know existed.”

Not much is known about Esther and Matthew’s bundle of joy; still, their daughter’s future career is filled with various possibilities, with grandparents-in-law, a mom in fashion, and not only a dad in acting by aunt

Alexandra Daddario

, too.


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